The Road to Benicassim 09

In order to get to the sun-kissed good time that was Benicassim 2009, the band had to spend the night at Travelodge East Midlands Airport.
They had to steel themselves and think of what lay ahead when faced with finding a cab in the rain, dealing with arsey receptionist (“Computer says no….”) and, having arrived very late, the very real possibility of a Ginsters Pasty for dinner – a Room 101 experience for any travelling minstrel.
Thankfully, there was a M&S foodhall still open in the hanger-like services building that housed le Travelodge. So dinner was had in the otherwise empty foodcourt, the band bathed in the flashing lights and merry chimes of the also empty “Casino”. “Think of it as a midnight feast!”, said Mr Berlusconi.
The next morning we were back to the airport for Valencia. The previous night had seen a mad sandstorm on site, and the festival had ended early. Many bands had not played, including Kings of Leon. Much of the site was being rebuilt as we arrived, and people were emerging red and sandblasted.
It’s a great festival – beach by day, music and carousing by night, and we very much enjoyed our gig