They didn’t suit me…

So there I was, in the DJ booth in the 2FM Roadcaster at Electric Picnic listening to Lady Gaga. I was about to do the Just a Minute Quiz with Larry Gogan, who was in Dublin, so I was on my own in said booth with headphones on.

Now Larry Gogan is a bit of a legend, and was the dude who used to do the Chart show on a sunday that I listened to with the tape recorder pressed up against the radio ready to record…

The Just a Minute Quiz has been around forever and has given us some comedy gold over the years – my favourite being “Where is the Taj Mahal?” ans: “Opposite the Dental Hospital!”, there being an Indian restaurant of that name opposite the dental hospital in Dublin

So, it was all a little heavy for me.

I told him I was more nervous about the quiz thatn about the gig, and he quickly moved to put me at ease, with the old “It’s only a bit of a laugh…”

He then lashed into it…

“The letters AD mean the number of years after the death of whom?”

Me: “Dominus…”

DOMINUS!!What the fuck???!!!

“How many balls in a pool game”

Me: “eh…15”

Larry: “No, one more, 16”

At this stage I was beginning to panic and was considering jumping through the window of the Roadcaster to flee screaming and bloody through the sniggering crowd outside, who could hear all these horrors.

I think they must jump to a list of more remedial questions if they smell a clueless gombeen, as the next question I got was “Where is Skibereen?”.

i did get another couple of “queer ones” as Larry called them afterwards –

“Does SuperTed wear boots?”

Me: “He….does!”

Larry “not…”

Now, I was picturing SuperTed unzipping his fur to reveal his red suit and cape, and I swore there were red boots in there too, but no. And may he get the mother of all thorns in his paw on his next outing…

The last one, as the gong went was “From what is a saddle made?” I said cow skin, but no, it’s pig skin

So I got a measly 7…there were a few “queer ones”, but this wasn’t helped by my slow ponderousness and there’s no excuses for that first one.

One of the Dark Room Notes boys got 18! …and I know NeoSuperVital got into double figures. Looking good too