Bowling and Fuses in Lousville

Played an open-air festival in Louisville Kentucky last night, right on the river there with the City Skyline in the foreground and stoned dudes in kayaks behind. Love those American city skylines. Disco balls were first made here, and Louisville is also where Muhammad Ali is from.

Cut myself somehow during the gig – a gent in the front kindly pointed out that there was blood coming from my head.  Bowling afterwards in Vernon Lanes…the third oldest bowling alley in the country. Bowling is a big deal around here – the guys that organise Lebowski Fest are from here, and the first grand gathering was held at the same Vernon Lanes.

On the road to Nashville now, Bob Evan’s for breakfast (hollandaise on the side…). The fuse for the cigarette lighter that powers the GPS in the van kept blowing, and we went through 5 of them before realising that there was a coin stuck in it…Phil Hayes to the rescue

Planes, Trains and Automobiles on in the van now. Those are definately not pillows