Bell X1 at The White House…

Our friend Steve of the US Secret Service (James V McMorrow reckons he could totally take him, only with my help of course…) took us on a tour of the West Wing yesterday, which was quite something.

Lots of, like, important stuff happens here. Mr Obama was not in, but left the place in fine order for our visit.

Firstly, there was the dress code – Business Casual. No jeans, t shirts, trainers…or miniskirts, or excessively high heels. Apparently during Bushtime there was Ranch Casual down at Camp David. Not sure what that meant.

We saw the Roosevelt Room, the Situation Room, strolled the Rose garden, and stood at the open door of the Oval Office, which was weirdly tidy. I suppose I was mistaken in imagining the desk to be paper strewn, with the usual office stuff around – cups and staplers and a computer. No, nothing on the desk only a pen…Big bowl of unreal looking apples on the coffee table.

Amazing Norman Rockwell paintings of West Wing goings on just outside – grizzled hacks and beauty queens

We also got to hijink in the Press Briefing Room…