So we’re back out and battling the elements in Ireland South Westish…and like a big warm hug, Mrs Phil Soundman made us a teacake for halftime refreshments

Now, I wouldn’t normally be a fan of the brack, or similar Christmas cake and the like, and Dominic has very strong feelings about the use of raisins or sultanas or any dried fruit in a confection…but this was very lovely and most welcome. Thank you thank you.

In Clonakilty Ray burst into the dressing room at half time, having just been made aware of the high stakes involved, swept aside the commendable selection of biscuits and offered a homemade Pumpkin Pie I think it was. It was a strange beast…bang of the korma offa it. Savoury. Weird.

The night spun out in a whirl of pints and that most traditional of Clonakilty offerings – the Sambasco (Sambuca & Tabasco…). Thanks for looking after us so well. Yissir a gem