75 Years Ago Today.

On this day 75 years ago Amelia Earhart & Fred Noonan went missing. This one is for them.


This Week’s Field Recording: “Flame” Divan Du Monde – Pars

Unlike a lot of the acoustic-ish versions of the songs, where we took them back to how they were born, Flame came into the world fully formed in shiny nylon, with a key-change and everything!  So we took it elsewhere for these gigs, a little bit country, veering dangerously close to reggae if we get the tempo wrong…or so Phil says.On this night in Paris, there was a snowstorm which cancelled a lot of public transport so thank you to all those who made it.  Driving in and finding parking in Montmartre is a ballache at the best of times, and those hills were made all the more fun by the ice and snow…wreck the renter!!


This Week’s Field Recording: Pinball Machine

This Week’s Field Recording is:  Pinball Machine – recorded at the truly special Schuba’s:

Physical PreOrder available here: http://tinyurl.com/c9qjkfh

ITunes PreOrder available here: http://tinyurl.com/6ph33wx

ITUNES PreOrder Link is Live

The ITUNES Field Recordings Preorder link is up and running  Click below or type Field Recordings into your local ITUNES store search. All ITUNES purchases will come with a downloadable PDF booklet.


Field Recordings Pre Order Page Up

Field Recordings PreOrder page is up:  Pre Order Field Recordings

ITunes Pre Order will be available next week.

Here’s “Bad Skin Day” from lovely Leeuwenbergh Kerk in Utrecht.

Field Recordings

In late 2010, to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the release of our first record Neither Am I, we set out on an acoustic(ish) tour of North America & Europe.

With guitars, piano and an iPod, it was a very different take on the songs than what has ended up on the records – the three of us taking them back a few steps to how they were born in a lot of cases.

Phil Hayes, our friend and sound engineer, recorded most of the gigs, taking the desk mix and a couple of ambient microphones in in the room.  He also took many photographs of the sky, us guys, buildings and food.

From this bounty we’ve put together Field Recordings, 21 songs and photography from the road, and are very grateful to Phil for it.

We have very fond memories of the tour, traveling as we did in little white vans, with James Vincent McMorrow in North America and John Smith in Europe.

In those small, frequently beautiful rooms we felt a little closer, and it was good to meet so many of yis after. As Bad Santa’s t-shirt said, shit happens when you party naked…

Field Recordings will be available as a double CD or a limited edition (250 only, numbered) 40 page hardback photobook with CDs.  Both packages will only be had from the Bell X1 online Shoppe.  It will also be available from iTunes and most digital retailers on July 20th with PreOrders to begin next Monday, May 14th.

We’ve attached  “In Every Sunflower” recorded live at The Town Hall Theatre in Galway.

Bloodless Coup t-shirt

The Bloodless Coup t-shirt, previously only available at live shows, is now available from the online shoppe here http://www.bellx1.com/shop/t%20shirts.htmlImage

New Issue of Hot Press

Tour in America, Tour in Ireland, Tour in UK

Thanks to everyone who came out in the US, it was a helluva time…

We kicked off with an incredible couple of nights in New York, the taping of the Other Voices NYC show, which will air on RTE television in December. There will also be a special on RTE Radio 1 on New Year’s Eve.  We did I’ll See Your Heart and I’ll Raise You Mine with Martha Wainwright – I hope it makes the cut!

And we finished by narrowly escaping a hiding at the hands of the Secret Service in a game of American football, in Annapolis Maryland…

Looking forward to the shows in Ireland and the UK!

DEC 2011
01       Waterford         The Forum    Tickets
02      Limerick           Big Top       Tickets
03      Galway           Black Box     Tickets
05      London             Bush Hall      Tickets
06      Manchester       Deaf Institute  Tickets
07      Edinburgh        Electric Circus  Tickets
08      Glasgow        King Tut’s         Tickets
10       Cork               The Savoy            Tickets
15       Derry            Nerve Centre   Tickets
16       Belfast            Mandela Hall    Tickets
17       Dublin            Special Midnight Show @ The Olympia     Tickets

Jape supports all shows, except Dublin

Video for Sugar High

Thanks to the boys from folks&folks