Hello from Snowy Ballybofey, it sure is purdy up here…with the country in a jocker, it’s been heart warming to get out and say hello. Home. Thank you for toggin out, all these nights…

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Photographs from the studio…

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Photos from LA LA land

So, here we were in Los Angeles…hanging with Anvil in Mel’s Diner West Hollywood (last time we were there we met Dr Phil…it’s a rich seam of fame), walking the Green Carpet at the Wilde Oscar event and enjoying some seaside frolics in Santa Monica Read the rest of this entry »

Pics from the road Part 4

A few days sans tinernet and there are pictures aplenty.

Loading in, loading out. Texas rain, moon rings, more hoovers..

Apparently you can’t take pictures inside a Wallmart….

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Pics from the road part 3

Late-night Louisville, some stylish bowling moves, journey man Rory Doyle and sidewalk gear setups…..

The setting was fabulous for the Louisville gig and afterwards bowling was pretty extreme. Joe and his friend were canoeing on the river, just mouching around, enjoying the festivities, taking it all in…

In Nashville we set up on the sidewalk outside the venue to save time..

Pics from the road part 2

The unhealthy hoover obsession grows….. the important things on the road, food, washing and internet……

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Pics from the road

The touring party, a hoovering drummer and the big blue skies of Pennsylvania…..

The U2 Experience

After a while gawping at The Edge’s guitar Emporium, ducking into the belly of the Claw, feeding at the catering trough, striding the hallowed turf of Croke Park, (where The Bomber Liston, Henry Shefflin and Neil Diamond did tread), watching the ‘2 run through “I Will Follow”, we got to play in the sunshine for half an hour at half past six.

Gremlins out in force – acoustic guitar dead for the first 2 tunes, interference in the ears wrecking Rory’s buzz, flatuulent bass guitar…but we settled into it with 10 minutes to go…

Spanning a bit of the half-back line, we looked out onto the magnificence that is Croke Park, and kinda forgot to enjoy it, I think. I think I’m enjoying the memory of it more than the actual gig. Very surreal. They have umbrellas that cost $400000 that pop up out of the stage if it starts raining. The have 200 trucks between the 3 Claw stages that are bunnyhopping around the world.

And yet. Bono’s guitar was dead for most of “One”. Watching that from the start of the stage, him roaring at his tech to fetch him another…made me smile. Sure it happens the best of us.

“Unforgettable Fire”, “Streets”, “Ultra Violet Light”….glorious. Truly magical, as the sun went down and Croker was a sea of stars.

Special mention to U2’s crew, who were very helpful and interested, courteous and receptive to courtesy…

The band sent us a very sweet note, Guinness and champagne. Lovely lads, they’ll go far

Cork Marquee, June ’09

Big tent, hard to heat. Thanks for toggin out