On Venice Beach in the rain…where is everybody? Seagulls as big as turkeys

Bell X1 at The White House…

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Thank you Pittsburgh! We’re on our way to Washington DC…we’re visting the West Wing today, ironing shirts all round…we’ll say hi for yis

In Detroit on a day off…going to see Gorillaz!!

never been here before, Motor City…recently saw Standing in the Shadows of Motown, which was all good. Just saw another “Cash for Gold” sign…it’s all over, that shit. Do they melt it all down and make gold ingots or something?? There’s something sad about that


Leaving Canada after too brief a stay…we hadn’t been in a long time, so thanks for remembering us!

We did come into the country by mistake a couple of days prior, on the mammoth journey from Northampton Mass to Ann Arbour Michigan. Love those border crossings…shouting the name of the band to a guy in a booth with a gun…”yea, kinda pop-rock music..” On the way to Toronto there was a big pool of water on the Immigration waiting room floor, leading suspiciously to the toilet. Nice. Someone had put a careful now cone on it, but hadn’t brought a mop. Not their job mate


On Sunset Strip again in Los Angeles…we always seem to end up staying here (or out by LAX, the pox…), and have befriended the good folks of Mel’s Diner, who are good souls. Mid avocado burger I think it was, and in walk the band Anvil. Read the rest of this entry »

Support the Capuchin Day Centre

The Capuchin Day Centre in Dublin provides meals and food parcels for the homeless and poor every day.

Having lived across the road from the place for a few years, I’ve seen the work that they do. Please do support if you can.

The guy on the left in the photo on their website is Rocky, of Rocky Took a Lover fame.

Brought to mind his “blog” from a couple of years back…and that of his lover, Adrianna

If you go down to the woods today…

Let me tell you of our night in Paris
The gig was on a boat on the Seine called Le Batofar, which used to be an Irish Lifeboat…you could feel the occasional undulation as you pranced and minced about the boards, if such was your way. It was very lovely, but then things got a bit weird…
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Ich bin ein Frankfurter

So here I am in Germany, in a fucking Starbucks…I know, I should be in some many-generations-of-family run artisan place that make their own lace doilies.
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Texas in the Rain

Leaving the Austin City Limits festival yesterday, being pulled by one little tractor and pushed by another, the messiness of the day was all too evident in the muck being scraped from shoes with hotel room keys…ah, good times.
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