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Bell X1

Postby maggieglynn » Mon Mar 30, 2009 12:56 am

need help.cannot buy Bell X1 1st album Neither am I. anyone know where i can purchase it. dont wanna download it :D
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Re: Bell X1

Postby Despereaux Tilling » Mon Mar 30, 2009 7:41 am

Well, as far as I'm aware, it was an Ireland-only release. I'm pretty sure there are some copies left, but it has been ten years since NAI was released, on a small scale, and it hasn't been re-issued or anything, so they're thin on the ground. Try eBay if that's your thing. No, wait, scratch that, there's none on either, .ie or com. I might even go as far to say that if you don't have it by now, you won't. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
Despereaux Tilling
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Re: Bell X1

Postby obi » Fri Apr 10, 2009 9:15 pm

i have neither am i, but its been a copy from a mate of mine, managed to get my hands on one, ordered it in a lil shop in derry!

goin in tuesday to collect my nugget of greatness!! woop!

ah thats another thing for me to get signed :P
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Re: Bell X1

Postby Redgrelda » Sat Apr 11, 2009 2:04 am

I ordered my copy online, but can't remember from where. I thought it was Universal Records Ireland, but I checked and it was not available. Anyways, I'm stuck at work all weekend, so I'll do my best cyber sleuthing and should be able to find it by Monday.

I found it online! That took about 15 mins! Maggie I'll e mail you the info.
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