Man on Mir was played tonight...

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Man on Mir was played tonight...

Postby Darren » Fri Jun 26, 2009 11:58 pm

and yes I came in my pants twice. That is all.
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Re: Man on Mir was played tonight...

Postby MMur10k » Sat Jun 27, 2009 5:59 pm

Yeah it was great to hear it. Excellent show from the lads - best yet. Loved the 'Man in the Mirror' tribute. 'The Great Defector' really got the crowd mental. Great night.
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Re: Man on Mir was played tonight...

Postby evie09 » Sat Jun 27, 2009 6:05 pm

oh lucky lucky corkonians
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Re: Man on Mir was played tonight...

Postby Barbarella » Sat Jun 27, 2009 8:30 pm

I went all the way down to Cork from Dublin to go to The Marquee and I have to say that I was very disappointed. Now I love Bell X1 but I really didn't think last nights gig was up to their usual standard.

For starters the sound was really bad, lots of feedback, especially during "I'll see your heart" which was a bit crap (the feedback not the song) because Paul had dedicated it to the Cork fans and I have to say I cringed a little bit. The stage set-up wasn't nearly as good as it usually is, the looked tiny on the huge stage and it looked really bare with no props or any of the usual stuff. I also thought they kinda rushed the gig and just weren't as into it last night. There seemed to be issues with drums and guitars throughout the whole gig.

Now I know a lot of that stuff is out of the bands control but I came away feeling a little bit let down. :( I suppose I had come down from Dublin (€71 for a train ticket?! :evil: ) so with hotel, taxi's and all the eating and drinking I ended up spending a fortune. I'd also brought along a friend that wasn't too familiar with Bell X1 and I had to tell her that the gigs are usually better than that.

Maybe they should charge more for the tickets to get a better quality sound etc. €35 is the cheapest ticket for any gig that I've been to so if the price was slightly increased they could improve some things? I for one will never return to the Marquee in Cork again but I can't wait to see them at Electric Picnic. In fact the only reason I'm going to EP is to see Bell X1, if they weren't playing I wouldn't bother.

On a more positive note; Pauls' version of Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror was excellent and the crowd took a little bit of time to warm up but when they did the place really rocked.

Sorry for the rant but I just had to get it off my chest. Still love 'em though. :lol:
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