Bell X1 in Virginia

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Bell X1 in Virginia

Postby SandyG » Tue Oct 27, 2009 10:53 am

For weeks my friend refused to tell me what she had planned for last Saturday night. So I took a night off from the Simon Community with no clue what was going on and bussed it down to Moynalty. My friend's husband, John, drove us to Virginia after dinner where we were to meet our friend Noel (also in on the belated birthday surprise). I couldn't believe when we got out of the car and Susan handed me a ticket to Bell x1. Apparently, there was a Pumpkin Festival on and Bell X1 were playing in a marquee. The doors hadn't opened when we got there so we were right up the front for the show. The support band Little Palace (from Kells) were excellent. Needless to say Bell X1 were FANTASTIC!! Although John doesn't quite understand our obsession with Paul.
Even though we had to drive back through Mullagh to get to Moynalty we drew the line at stalking the lads in their hotel!! :lol:

Note to others: When your friends live in North Meath and they won't tell you what's going on, don't just Google events in Meath, Google events in CAVAN also!! Although it really was a surprise and a half. It's a bit unfair on other friends and family. They'll NEVER top Paul Noonan as a surprise!!!! :D :D :D :D :D
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