What a song means to you

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What a song means to you

Postby tomstephens » Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:08 am


I'm a massive fan of BellX1, and I run a blog called YouTune (http://www.youtuneblog.com) and if you have a spare 10 minutes at any point, I would LOVE it if you wrote a piece for the blog.

Its all about your own song meanings/stories. Its a personal thing and it would be very boring for readers to read my posts for months on end so the more contributors the better! It doesn't have to be amazing, or long, just make it what you want.

Honestly, it would be FANTASTIC if you could help - you need to choose a song, could be BX1 or anything else (and please send this as an MP3) and write about that song - an experience you had with that song / what it means to you / something! Examples on the blog! (and see http://youtuneblog.com/submitting for all details)…

Those of you who have the time please e-mail me at youtuneblog@gmail.com and/or spread the message to your friends with a quick link on your facebook/blog/whatever.

I would love for the blog to get a really vibrant array of posts, songs, people and stories so please help me. Thank you very much you good, good people.

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