Salomon sneakers series of stories

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Salomon sneakers series of stories

Postby Dowes » Tue Mar 14, 2017 3:42 am

The salomon s-lab wings 8 wet traction Contragrip which offers impressive grip on all kinds of surfaces. Last year’s SLAB Wings was the one of the first Salomon shoe to debut the new trapezoidal lug pattern now found on most of their trail runners. It’s a great design that offers lots of surface area for traction and grip on smooth surfaces, yet still has deep enough lugs to grip on softer and shiftier trails. The durability is also top notch. I have nothing to complain about from last years SLAB Wings, and it looks like this new SLAB Wings 8 will be much of the same. I think the same can be said for the Profeel Film used as a flexible rockplate in the midfoot. I’ve had numerous shoes now with this Profeel Film and I’ve loved having it on each and every pair. If you’ll be wearing this shoe on muddy or sloppy trails, make sure to go for the SG (soft ground) version, which will offer deeper lugs and less permeable upper.

Courir dans la neige avec la toute nouvelle salomon snowcross cs pas cher est devenu un vrai jeu d'enfants. Avec ses crampons ainsi que ses clous specially Designed pour la boue et la neige, vous aurez la chance de courir avec une stabilité et une Adhesion parfaites. La gaiter vous protégera du froid et permettra un bon maintien de la cheville. Courir dans la neige avec la toute nouvelle Snowcross CS est deven

When salomon speedcross pro soldes last year, many wondered if they had done away with the SLAB Wings sequential numbering nomenclature or hit the reset button to move it back to zero. Well, it looks like we have the answer with the new release of the SLAB Wings 8, picking up from the Wings 7 from two years ago. The new SLAB Wings 8 looks virtually indistinguishable from the SLAB Wings, barring a slight update to the colorway. Despite the near exact appearance to it’s predecessor, the new Wings 8 does come with some real upgrades. First, the new Wings 8 is a few ounces lighter this year. It appears that Salomon did this by reducing the amount of underfoot protection in the TPU Profeel film in the midfoot and forefoot. The shoe still looks like it will offer a lot of protection, but it will also be a more flexible shoe this way. The midsole of the Wings 8 is the same combination of molded and injected EVA.

As I mentioned in the fit and feel section of this review, the amazing salomon speedcross vario femme Endo-fit and Sensi-fit are nearly identical to last years SLAB Wings shoe, and this makes for a very precise and comfortable fit. Combine this with quicklace tucked into a nice lace garage, and you have a race car for downhill mountain jaunts. The level of security and confidence found in this upper is like few other shoes.

There isn’t much built in arch support like that found in the Wings Pro 2, but the shoe is incredibly stable, both on the lateral and medial sides. I think this has a lot to do with the shape and last of the midsole. The heel flares out wide at the base and the midfoot gets full coverage outside of the medial pad of my foot. Much like the SLAB Wings last year, it will be near impossible to roll your ankle in this shoe. I wish it came in at 6mm of drop, as that feels a bit more stable for me, but even at 9mm this shoe feels really great.
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